Unlike many may think serendipity is not about coincidences but about chances (that you will take or not): It is a process that, through analytical abilities and mental acuity of detecting and taking chances leads to discovery, creation and innovation.
With it, we can connect dots between theoretically-unrelated universes.

Inducing Serendipity

will help us to successfully achieve general objectives with unexpected, most gratifying and efficient results:
While following your market rules, we will step on unforeseen and surprising grounds in order to highlight your project as it deserves.


What does Serendipian has to offer you?

Optimized innovation, sustainable solutions and efficient design to implement business and social impact through branding.

Branding… another fancy word: is it?

Uh-uh. Branding encloses:

1. Brands’ creation

Conversing and exchanging data and thoughts, we can comprehend and grasp whatever the stakes are within your market and for the people interacting with your project.
The art of narration based on true facts: your brand’s storytelling.
While evaluating the key differentiation points, we will decide together for a positioning or repositioning on the market: interaction between a brand and its environment.

Brand strategy; Benchmarking; Market studies, etc.


2. Brands’ expression

It is a chromatic, graphical, lexical or commercial translation of the brand’s narrative and interaction.
Conceiving the speech grounds inherent to the spokespersons, the message becomes more efficient, easier to spread out.

Trendsboards; Speech; Logotype, Corporate image


3. Brands’ influence

For every media or action, we will breath a fair dose of image in your message so its impact becomes striking, original and lasting.
Working tightly and cooperatively with talented, trusted and skilled people, Serendipian can help you spread your message and expand your brand on any medium.

Prints: business cards, flyers, catalogues, etc.; Audiovisual; Digital; Interior design; and more.