Happiness is on your doorstep

In the gloomy atmosphere of the previous years (I know, weird eh? years now), some people managed not to be affected o actually to benefit from it, some others are still waiting for anyone to do something to help them and some who are actively working with stamina to change things (and maybe then, also benefit from it). From the last group emerge a trend that I would call “Happy”; It is not new though, it is back: we’ve last seen it in the 80s but it actually take roots in epicureanism .

But it sure became global and massive when Pharrell Williams sang it and shared a 24-hours video of people (friends or guests) dancing their happicraziness!



Among others, this song inspired the artiste Stefan Seigmeister to design its “Happy Show“.

Happy - Société - Trend


Then, they were a lot of covers with or without real purpose; my favorite is the Marseilles’ version:




We can find this “Happy” trend in several projects and accomplishments through the las decade:

Coca-Cola based its strategy on happiness as its slogan: “Open Happiness” and actions can prove.

Monceaux Fleurs created and invested a lot in the retail florist brand Happy in 2005.

Happy - Société et Consommation - Trend


Designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac expressed and printed happiness symbols in almost every collections he designed;

For further confirmation if needed, he opened , I believe in 2013, his TumblR #HappyCult which stands for Happy Culture.


Happy - Société - Trends


Last, Happinez, first bimonthly magazine, released in France on january 2014 from the Netherlands chose as tagline a chinese proverb (yes, I know, a bit cliché isn’t it?): “Happiness is attention to details”.


The road back to smileys, dancing and more reminds us how to taste and enjoy happiness, how to find it again as it does to the brands, so that they can also benefit from it!





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