Hi, there! I’m Donia, founder of Serendipian.

For more than 8 years now, I have been working for brands and consumers, especially on their expectations to match. I believe that a brand success rest as much on the quality of its products and services as on the consistence and relevance of its message.

Reaching for an upgrade competitiveness, I turn what already exists upside down in order to reveal new perspectives and to extract your competitive advantage. Focusing on the storytelling, I am able to extract and correct any differential between your brand’s ambition and perception.

Together, we elaborate and model the related wording and rephrase your ambition to match your target’s expectation and perception.


Serendipian core values are the same as mines, whether professionally or personally. They illustrate my motivations and objectives:

  • LEARNING and SHARING  cultures and lifestyles
  • ENLIGTHNING AND OPENING UP the curious minds
  • CHALLENGING established principles with all due respect to market rules and people
  • PROMOTING collective creativity and stimulating interactions

Serendipity is for me a way of life, a methodology but also a driving force and resource feeding creativity in each and every project I work on.

You can find my values and motivations expressed in more-personal projects:

- Writer, co-editor, co-publisher and community manager in a Spanish and collaborative blog named Makamo about creativity, visual arts, advertising and design.
- Co-founder, co-publisher and brand’s copywriter of the Spanish blog Cóctel Demente: (co)laboratory of agitated minds: digital cadavre exquis
- My personal twitter: @DoniaSoraya, with news and thoughts about creativity, culture, brands, marketing, communication, in French, English or Spanish.
- Pinterest :, visual intelligence and trendsboards


I hope we will meet soon (if not already). Thank you for your interest.